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Rogers Asia Indonesia

Indonesia with a population of over 230 million, has been a major market for the Rogers brand since 1982.

Today Rogers Malaysia, in partnership with PT. Rogers Kinerja Gemilang has formed Rogers Asia Indonesia, handles a majority of the major events and exhibitions going into Indonesia. The Rogers brand is now synonymous with ensuring a successful exhibition of any shape, size or form.

Rogers Asia Indonesia intends to continue playing a critical role in ensuring the sustainable growth and enhanced competitiveness of the Rogers Asia group, by expanding its services throughout major cities in Indonesia.

Rogers Asia Indonesia is organised based on a principle of flexibility and efficient operations of its own vehicle fleet and that of external capacity. We are therefore able to respond effectively to the rapidly changing demands for international exhibition transportation, both in terms of volume and destinations.

List of Services

Our extensive experience provides show organisers and exhibitors timely and professionally coordinated movement of exhibition materials, from overseas locations to the show venue. Our services include:

  • Customs bonded warehouse facilities at major venues in Indonesia
  • Temporary Import Bond
  • Customs Brokerage service
  • Complete Shipping Instructions according to local regulations
  • Local shipping and warehousing facilities
  • Onsite labour and equipment

Contact us for a consultation on your exhibition freight requirements.


E : info@rogers-asia.com

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    Covid-19: Standard Operating Procedure in Rogers Asia

    All employees and visitors / customers are screening daily to identify Covid-19 symptoms including body temperature checks. Perform health screening to detect Covid-19 related symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath daily. The screening should be done daily at the entrance of the premises. Employees who have a body temperature of 37.5 ° Celsius or show any symptoms should be referred to a nearby Panel Clinic or Public Health Clinic. Social distancing is at least 1 meter, preferably 2 meters in all cases. Where social distancing is not practicable, workers must use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Wear face-mask; encouraged at all times, required under certain circumstances. Wash your hands frequently with soap or hand-sanitizer. Provides this facility for employees and customers. Report to the Department of Health if there is information about Covid-19 infection among employees and customers / visitors. Ensure that sanitizing premises are performed consistently, at least 2 times a day. Truck’s second driver is only allowed for vehicles exceeding 2 tons. Put 1-meter social distancing marking inside the warehouse.